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  • Product Specialist

    Main responsibilities:

    -Provide research support for new products, assist in the development, design, packaging and management of new product lines

    -Track market feedback and technical development, improve and enhance product performance, discover new applications and follow up successful clinical cases

    -Explore the applications of Genetron Health products in clinical practice, including guidance for targeted therapy, chemotherapy, molecular classification and surgery

    Job requirements:

    -Biology-related major, with molecular biology, genetics and genomics preferred

    -Master’s degree and above; Ph.D. preferred

    -Good English and communication skills

  • Medical Information Specialist:

    Main responsibilities:

    -Search database and publications for cancer targeted treatments

    -Work with team members to set up and maintain a clinical trial database

    -Help prepare reports for research collaborators, physicians and patients

    -Provide internal and external training in genetic counseling

    Job requirements:

    -Master’s degree or above in biology, clinical medicine, genetics, cell biology or related field

    -Cancer research experience preferred; good communication skills in both English and Mandarin; familiarity with medical English

    -Computer skills and basic database skills are a plus.

  • Project Scientist (Beijing)

    Main responsibilities:

    -Manage projects and implement next-generation DNA sequencing technology (pre-sequencing) and related work. Work with team to organize and carry out scientific research projects based on NGS.

    Job requirements:

    -Proficiency in the knowledge of next-generation sequencing

    -Proficiency in molecular biology techniques or cancer genetics

    -Skills in project management, including organizing files and maintaining records, data and other documents

    -Ability to communicate project progress between departments timely and accurately, and provide technical support

    -Ability to integrate into fast-growing and passionate startup teams.

  • Medical Information Liaison Specialist-Sales (covering provincial capitals across the country)

    Main responsibilities:

    -Develop and maintain customer relationships, promote cancer genetic precision medicine through professional conferences and consulting

    -Participate in and efficiently finish company training, obtain an in-depth understanding of the industry and the company’s services

    -Grow customer base within covered regions, and provide customers with professional, high-quality customer services

    -Achieve sales goals, ensure timely payment collection, and handle customer feedback

    Job requirements:

    -Biomedical field-related majors preferred

    -Good stress coping and communication skills

    -Hard working, strong sense of responsibility, positive thinker, good communication skills and willingness to work in a team environment

    -Experience in pathology preferred

    -FISH experience preferred