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Genetron Health Expands Internationally

Release Time: 2016-01-10

October 2015 – Genetron Health’s new research and development center at Research Triangle Park in North Carolina, United States is now operational. In order to further strengthen our research capabilities and expand internationally, Research Triangle Park in North Carolina is a strategically important location. As a new generation of technology company dedicated to the field of cancer and personal health, research and development have always been in the core of our company. By joining forces with additional international teams, we will become more competitive with our technologies in cancer diagnostics and speed up the process of translational research to benefit patients around the world.

Research Triangle Park in North Carolina has been dubbed the name “Silicon Valley of the East”. Along with Stanford Research Park and Texas Research Park, they are the largest 3 research centers in the United States. Research Triangle Park is geographically surrounded by University of North Carolina, NC State University, and Duke University. Therefore, the park is naturally fueled by top talents from the three universities. According to statistics, about 24% of all the top researches in the States was done at Research Triangle Park. Furthermore, about 21% of the research articles published in internationally top scientific journals is written by researchers at Research Triangle Park yearly, and about 29% of all the new patents in the States every year is issued to researchers there as well.