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Research Driving Clinical Applications and Technologies Benefiting Human Beings

Release Time: 2017-04-27

 (Mr. Wang Sizhen, CEO of Genetron Health and Mr. Gianluca Pettiti, president of Thermo Fisher Scientific(China) Co., Ltd.)

A strategic cooperation agreement on establishing the Precision Medicine Joint Development Center was signed on June 28, 2016 by Beijing Genetron Health and American Thermo Fisher Scientific. The in-depth collaboration between Genetron Health, an innovative bio-tech company providing professional cancer genomic solutions, and Thermo Fisher Scientific, a world-class scientific service provider, will effectively enhance Genetron Health’s R&D capacity, promote transformation of such technologies to clinical use and serve China’s precision medical service market.

(Mr. Wang Sizhen and a representative of Thermo Fisher Scientific were exchanging ideas on future strategies.)

(Mr. Hong Ying, CEO of Genetron Health, expressed his confidence in such cooperation.)

“It’s a pleasure to cooperate with Thermo Fisher Scientific strategically and jointly establish the R&D center,” said Mr. Wang Sizhen, CEO of Genetron Health. “Astonishing progress has been made in cancer genomics in recent years, largely thanks to corporations like Thermo Fisher Scientific, which revolutionized testing technologies by enhancing their capacity and accuracy. We would like to conduct in-depth strategic cooperation with Thermo Fisher Scientific on digital PCR and next generation sequencing platform to build a world-class standardized lab platform, which can be used to develop brand-new testing products, essentially benefiting Chinese cancer patients (millions of new diagnoses every year).”

(Mr. Gianluca Pettiti was visiting Genetron Health’s R&D and Clinical Testing Center in Beijing.)

According to Mr. Gianluca Pettiti, president of Thermo Fisher Scientific (China), “thanks to its outstanding R&D and clinical use transformation capability, Genetron Health is Thermo Fisher Scientific’s vital strategic partner in China. The underlying reason for our cooperation is our hope of more innovations supported by Genetron Health’s powerful research and clinical use transformation capacity to provide Chinese clinical clients with more targeted and authoritative services and eventually contribute to a better society.”

(Mr. Wang Sizhen, Mr. Gianluca Pettiti and Ms. Zhang Yan, president of the Genetic Analysis Department of Thermo Fisher Scientific (China) Co., Ltd.)