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Genetron Health Completed Round B Financing, Raising Several Hundred Million Yuan

Release Time: 2017-04-27

Genetron Health Co., Ltd. announced on September 20, 2016 its completion of round B financing, raising altogether several hundred million yuan. This round of investment was led by VCANBIO Cell & Gene Engineering Co., Ltd., shared by New Horizon Capital and Genetron Health’s round A investors, and followed by IN CAPITAL and Innovalley , among other investors.

Founded only two years ago, Genetron Health has managed to complete basic industrial layout. The capital raised in this round of financing will be used to:

Accelerate the expansion of upstream and downstream industrial chains: Speed up the R&D of genetic diagnosis instruments and reagent kits, as well as the transformation of such techniques to clinical use. Prepare for R&D cooperation in treatment development.

Solidify business in existing markets and channels and continue the expansion: At present, Genetron Health has worked on nearly a hundred research projects with dozens of key research and medical institutes throughout the country, and conducted in-depth collaboration with almost 100 tier 1 tertiary hospitals and other medical institutions. The newly raised capital will be used for further implementation of the market strategy, as well as the expansion of sales channels and marketing network in China.

 Improve line of products: Developing and producing more segmented line of products that are more suitable for the Chinese market.

 Collect big data: Accelerate the accumulation of the firm’s own data and conduct in-depth analysis.

The leadership of Genetron Health

From left: Prof. Yan Hai, chief scientist, Mr. Wang Sizhen, CEO, and Mr. Hong Ying, COO of Genetron Health

Genetron Health’s Medical Testing Center in Beijing

Genetron Health’s clean room in Beijing

Genetron Health’s Illumina Hiseq X Ten Sequencing Platform