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Genetron Health was awarded 2017 Deloitte-China Renaissance Rising Star

Release Time: 2018-01-12

On November 9, 2017, the 100th anniversary of Deloitte China, the project "2017 China's Top 50 High-tech Growth Enterprises and China Renaissance Rising Star" sponsored by Deloitte China, had finally announced its awards after four months of rounds of selections and fierce competitions.

As a leading company in the field of cancer precision medicine, Genetron Health won the "2017 Deloitte-China Renaissance Rising Star" award relying on its rapid development and outstanding performance. Mr. Wang Sizhen, CEO of Genetron Health, was invited to attend the award ceremony and attend the press conference as a representative of the award-winning enterprises, to share the spiritual journey about the start-up and innovation of Genetron Health, and the prospects for the future development of the industry.

Figure: Award Ceremony

At the invitation of the Organizing Committee, Mr. Wang Sizhen, CEO of Genetron Health, shared his unique opinions on how to view cancer precision medical treatment and how to promote the innovation of the industry at the press conference. He said: Precise medical treatment of cancer should focus on the whole cycle management, including all the links of risk assessment, early screening, molecular pathological diagnosis, medication guidance and prognosis monitoring, etc. Since the day Genetron Health was founded, it has been working intensively and making innovations continuously. Now it has created a complete and comprehensive product line with independent R&D capability and having been applied gradually. In the meantime, the role of Chinese enterprises has also been changing on the world stage: from a simple product producer and processor to a technical leader like Genetron Health who can provide products and services to foreign markets, and even export innovative technologies. For example, some special genes discovered by our team of scientists in translational medicine research have been written into the WHO guidelines on diagnosis and treatment. I firmly believe that innovation of Chinese enterprises is entering a new era and a new height.

Figure: Wang Sizhen, CEO of Genetron Health, made a wonderful speech at the press conference.

Renaissance Rising Star, Shining Tomorrow — Genetron Health won the award relying on the strength, which affirms its bright future. In the future, Genetron Health will continue to accumulate and exert its advantages at all levels, to steadily climb to the top of cancer precision medicine.

About the Award:

The election project of Deloitte Top 50 High-tech Growth Enterprises, initiated in US Silicon Valley in 1995, USA and entered China in 2005, has been conducted annually in dozens of countries around the world. Targeted at discovering and recognizing excellent enterprises all over the world which are growing rapidly and innovating continuously, it has been honored as "the benchmark of the world's high-tech growth enterprises"."China Renaissance Rising Star" is targeted to recognize outstanding companies who have been established for a short time, but are already in the leading position in the segment and have great potential for growth. The technical giants listed in the Top 50 Enterprises and the Renaissance Rising Star include Apple, Google, Alibaba, Facebook, Tencent, Baidu, JD, Qihoo 360, Didi, Toutiao, Hikvision, DJI-Innovations and many other industrial bellwethers.