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Standard Genetic Testing with 203-gene panel

Genetic Testing and Cancer Precision Medicine

Cancers are genetic diseases caused by the gradual accumulation of mutations. When cell-regulating genes are mutated or damaged, cells lose control and proliferate endlessly, eventually leading to malignant tumors.

Accurate identification of each unique gene mutation in a patient’s solid tumor provides the best clinical evidence for precise clinical treatment, molecular classification and monitoring for residual disease and recurrence, as well as key information for new scientific discoveries.

CanSelect™ Standard Genetic Testing with 203-gene panel

Is one of Genetron’s tumor precision medicine products, applicable for all solid-tumor patients. Using high-throughput and high-accuracy NGS technology, it tests mutations of 203 genes (including 5 types of genetic variants including mutation, insertion/deletion, fusion, amplification and MSI), covering 202 approved drugs and drugs in clinical trials. It provides the most reliable evidence for precise treatment, molecular classification and disease monitoring, as well as key information for new scientific research discoveries.

Product Highlights

· Comprehensive – Detection of 203 genes related to cancer or targeted drugs for a quick determination of treatment options.

· Multidimensional view – A full demonstration of drug targeting genes, proto-oncogenes and tumor-suppressor genes, tumor high-frequency mutation genes, genetic susceptibility genes and gene mutations on 12 tumor-signaling pathways.

· Precise – Analysis of 202 targeted drugs and related genetic status to provide the most valuable clinical evidence.

· Multiple applications – Assists in clinical molecular classification, prognosis prediction, genetic risk assessment, and new scientific discoveries.

· World's leading sequencing platforms – Uses high-throughput and highly effective Illumina sequencing platforms to test five different genetic variations including mutation, insertion/deletion, fusion, amplification and MSI.

· Guaranteed data accuracy with two independent algorithms for data analysis – Provides comprehensive, rapid and accurate analysis of cancer mutations with two independent proprietary algorithms from John Hopkins University and Genetron Health.

· Professional report interpretation and follow-up – Provides one-on-one professional medical interpretation and consulting, with regular follow-up every three months, and report updates every six months with the latest scientific findings.

Applicable Population

All solid-tumor patients (newly diagnosed patient, patients with drug resistance and patients with disease relapse)

Sample Requirement

                  Tumor sample (one of the following)

                            Fresh tissue: Surgery (mung bean size); Biopsy (> 2); formalin fixation (1 piece of mung bean size)

                            Frozen tissue: Surgery (mung bean size)/puncture (> 2)

                            Paraffin slides: Surgery (> 5); Puncture (15-20)

                            Paraffin blocks: 1 piece (mung bean size)

                  Control sample

                            5 ml peripheral blood, or 2 ml saliva, or 50 ml saliva mouthwash (choose one, peripheral blood preferred)

Turnaround time (TAT)

14 days (upon receiving samples)

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